Nuts & Bolts Committee

The Nuts & Bolts Committee (NBC) is a group of Young Friends with various responsibilities in the community. Young Friends are nominated for NBC at the April conference and approved at the June conference. Extended descriptions of NBC jobs can be found in our newly revised Handbook. The NBC members are:

  • Co-Clerks – Ezra Szanton & Thomas Finegar
  • Assistant Clerk – Oona Schreur
  • Recording Clerks – Will Finegar & Kate McHale
  • Treasurer – Isabel Schreur
  • Assistant Treasurers – Katalina Kastrong & Rose Rutgowski
  • Youth Programs Committee Representatives – Ayianna Croft, Henry Krulak Palmer, & Annie MasCasland
  • Outreach Farmers – Anna Goodman & Rosie Silvers
  • Scholarship Coordinator – Katie Faust Little
  • Web Manager – Yana Rogers
  • Assistant Web Manager – Julian Taylor
  • Members at Large – Sunshine Austin, Brigid Roush & Molly Carrol
  • Annual Session Planners – Savaj Moore & Wes Livesey
  • Floaters – Dorsey Crocker & Tadek Kosmal

Agenda Setting Meeting

Agenda Setting Meeting is an open meeting at the beginning of each conference featuring NBC members and anyone who would like to attend. We encourage community presence, there are no closed doors! It is here that we decide what to discuss during the two business meetings; it is not where we plan out the conference itself (that is the Con Planner’s job). Linked is a template Agenda Setting Meeting to help out if you don’t know if you’ve covered everything or if you just need a starting point.

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